Social media at a glance

Social media at a glance


Say it with pictures

A great article from an innovative, creative and informative blog about the power of the image and its ability to persuade and grab the interest of the viewer. Take a look at the blog if you are interested in social media marketing.

Source: mkhmarketing

Power of pictures: The eyes have it.

A concept is born

logo bigerTonight, we have decided on our new business and career direction – a consultancy for managing social media push technologies for both the education and business sectors.

The name came to us very easily #thecyberconsultants

 Our first appointment is with Ingrid at Harvey World Travel, New Farm on Thursday, 4th July, and we have prepared this slideshare as a way of gathering our thoughts, deciding on our direction, and quote fees.  Time will tell whether it will be a viable proposition, but we are both very enthusiastic.