Plus your social media presence

Have you discovered Google+ ?

I found the following playlist extremely helpful. Subscribe and work your way through it to gain an insight into the importance of adding this social media platform to your online social media presence.

Introduction to Google +


Do you need a performance coach?

Why You Hate Work  Source : New York Times

This is a great article published by the New York Times that illustrates how valuable a personal performance coach can be to help you achieve and plan for the best 12 months of your life and learn how to avoid the burnout described here.


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Let’s Blog!

Starting a blog for your small business can be a daunting, especially at a time when the demand for high quality content, posted regularly, is high.

A great place to begin is by reading Helen Scheuerer’s Easy Steps to a Winning Blogging Strategy : Part One

She recommends five steps to work through the How and Why questions that need to be answered before you start.



Image source : Canva blog